My name is Alexander Post. I am a documentary filmmaker and a travelling spirit. Both call to me, often together. Each journey is different, exciting in the beginning, tedious somewhere in the middle and often exhausting towards the end, but I always return feeling whole.

My work is a way to get to know myself and the world around me. I capture stories that make my heart sing. Real stories by real people with passion and heart for life. People who share stories that speak of hope, of courage, of wonder and of beauty. I pursue the spark of joy that excites us to change, the spark that reconnects us with our sense of wonder.

I have lived and studied in Amsterdam and San Francisco. I experienced a blazing summer in New York City and hitchhiked through Central America with the strange and the wonderful. I captured the stories of workers in the mountains of Nepal and the dreams of orphans in Peru. I documented a visionary barrister’s quest to install a law protecting the rights of our planet and a traveller’s dream to establish a sustainable shipping company in a small fishing village in Scotland. I follow the threads of my stories across the world, because I believe a good story can bring people together and inspire us to dream a more beautiful world into being.

Like many people of my generation, I am still finding my place in this world. You will frequently find me going out for walks, practicing yoga and meditation, reading, writing or watching a film. I am happiest when I sit around a fire with loving people, surrounded by the smells of pine, ash and oak, under a sky of stars.

I look forward to collaborate with you creatively. I invite you to go on a journey to the essence together—and bring back a heartfelt story that will inspire our communities.