I am a documentary filmmaker and a storyteller. I capture real stories about people with passion and heart for life. Have a look at some of my work below.

If you are blind, how do you describe colours? Chef Erling Rugsten shows how people with disabilities can experience art in different ways. This film was produced for the Special Guests Symposium, hosted by the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven.

Erling Rugsten is a travelling chef who tells me a beautiful story about living in the magic of the moment.

In this film, I follow the struggles of three adolescents with an intellectual learning disability in their search for happiness and self-reliance. It was produced for the GGD Amsterdam. More information here.

Eight high school students from Amsterdam fly to Peru. I spend time with them and the children of La Comunidad de NiƱos Sagrada Familia, a refuge where one man provides shelter and education for over a thousand children. This film was produced for the Peru Exposure Project.